Integrated onboard I/O AC versions with integrated power supply Up to 10 I/O modules connected to the CPU Compatible with all standard I/O modules (S500 and S500-eCo) Digital I/O module with configurable I/O available Comprehensive communication options: – Ethernet for communication and web server for user defined visualization – Up to two serial ports for decentralized I/O and communication


High performance PLC: Highly modular From 8 to +80 000 I/Os More communication possibilities (Ethernet, Internet, PROFINET®, PROFIBUS®, Modbus®, CANopen®, EtherCAT®…) Eight programming languages available (five IEC61131-3, CFC, C-code and C++) Data logging SD card for program back-up High Availability (HA) option Screw or spring terminal for I/Os Extensive programming libraries


Resistance to: – High humidity – Salt mist – Vibration – High altitude – Corrosive gases – Temperature: from -40 to +70 °C Lower lifetime cost and many of the traditional practices are not required, such as: HVAC for the panel, shock absorbers, door sealing, etc... All the benefits from AC500 range: Automation Builder engineering suite, I/O modules, scalable and flexible, same high performance communication, libraries and web services.