Drive Centre offers a very wide range for electrical motors to suit any application for any environment. From fractional HP to Megawatt, with or without feedback, let us help you select your next electrical motor.

AC Induction Motors

General purpose, Inverter, vector, &explosion proof motors from 1/8 HP to 1,250 HP. Single and three phase inputs from 120VAC to 575VAC

AC Motors Medium Voltage

From 150 KW to 75,000 KW and voltage up to 15,000 V. Speeds up to 20,000 rpm. Induction, Synchronous and Permanent Magnet Machines

DC Motors

Power rate up to 2500 KW and up to 1,000 V

Servo Motors

From 0.9 to 648 lb-in (0.1 NM to 73.2 NM) of torque, Rated for 230VAC or 460VAC. Standard, washdown, food grade, stainless steel and explosion proof.