Gearing can make a substantial difference in overall system costs by reducing speed, increasing torque, and reducing inertia. With high efficiency and low backlash gearing products we can find the most cost effective solutions Zero backlash couplings are important for any application that requires better accuracy, repeatability, torsional stiffness and reliability while still providing some room for misalignment and vibration dampening. Torque limiters mechanically disengage at the set torque values ensuring that you do not damage your sensitive and expensive equipment.


Planetary, helical, and worm-gear gearboxes for speed reduction, torque increase and lowing inertia

Precision Couplings

Exact and backlash free couplings and safety couplings for precision servo and stepper drive applications From 0.05 NM to 25,000 Nm

Industrial Drive Couplings

Couplings and safety couplings for all industrial drive applications From 0.05 NM to 2,080,000 Nm