Line reactors (sometimes called “line chokes”) are a common power accessory for electronic variable speed drives. These components add an extra margin of protection for AC drives from supply transients. Line reactors are strongly recommended for installation with ACdrives that do not have built-in inductors. Load reactors are used on the output of AC drives to reduce the effects of high motor wiring capacitance and to “soften” the dV/dt (rate of change of voltage) applied to the motor windings.

Harmonic Filters

The LINEATOR™ Advanced Universal Harmonic Filter (AUHF) is a revolutionary advancement in the area of passive harmonic mitigation. No other device on the market can meet the stringent limits of IEEE Std 519 at an equivalent efficiency, size and cost. When your application calls for a truly cost effective harmonic solution, the LINEATOR AUHF is the logical choice. It provides Engineers with a standard off-the-shelf solution for what used to be a very challenging engineering problem.

EMC Filters

EMC filters are used to minimize high-frequency power supply line disturbances caused by drives that may interfere with properoperation of sensitive electronic equipment.