Vacon NXP Common DC Bus

Danfoss / Vacon NXP common DC bus drives:

Vacon offers a comprehensive range of Common DC bus drive products comprising front end units, inverter units and brake chopper units in the entire power range and voltages from 380 V to 690 V. The drive components are built on proven Vacon NX technology and provide the ideal energy sharing solution for a multitude of power systems.


Full power(0.55 to 2.2 MW) and voltage(380 to 690V) range for both induction and permanent magnet motors.


DC bus systems comprise two main categories:

regenerative and non-regenerative. In a regenerative DC bus system the front-end unit is capable of generating power back to the mains network. This kind of system is suitable for processes where braking is needed often and the braking power is relatively high. In a non-regenerative system the braking power is redistributed to the other drives in the system via the common DC bus,and possible excess power can be dissipated as heat

using an optional brake chopper unit and brake resistors.In small production lines or small paper machines where braking is needed less often, a non-regenerative common DC bus system is a cost-efficient solution. In high power applications, it is possible to parallel multiple front-end units.

In addition to the welcome cost savings, you’ll also

benefit from reduced power cabling and installation

time and reduced overall footprint of your drive system.Your drive line-up tolerance to voltage dips/sags will be improved and the harmonic distortions your drive system will be minimized.

Vacon NXP Common DC Bus