Unidirve SP Free Standing

Control Techniques Unidrive SP free standing drives


Free Standing

Fully Engineered AC Drives


125 – 2,450hp (90kW – 1.6MW)

380 – 480V / 575V – 690V


Compact Size:

Unidrive SP Free Standing drives are up to 50% smaller and are significantly lighter than other ‘compact’ drive enclosures. For example, a 500hp drive is only 15.8in (400mm) wide and a

1,000hp drive is only 31.5in (800mm)wide. This makes Unidrive SP Free Standing an excellent choice where space is at a premium such as new or retrofit energy saving applications. All drives are shipped in 15.8in (400mm)wide sections that can be connected

quickly. This makes Unidrive SP Free Standing drives easy to handle and locate on site.



Factory Engineered Incoming (Incomer) Enclosure:

Free Standing drives can be ordered from the factory with a built-in circuit breaker for supply isolation. This means the drive is delivered to your site ready to be connected reducing engineering effort and installation time. The circuit breaker is installed in a 15.8in enclosure which can be added to Free Standing units sizes 6 to 9.

Unidirve SP Free Standing