Control Techniques MDS series:
Modular Drive System for Multi-axis Servo Drive Solutions

The Modular Drive System (MDS) is a powerful and cost effective solution for applications with multiple axes. The MDS utilizes a unique backplane architecture that provides a common bus platform for one of three sizes of power modules and up to eight drive modules. The MDS modules can operate on a 230V or 460Vac input. Plus, there are five different sizes of drive modules to meet the needs of almost any multiple axis application.



4.0 A – 34.0 A rms (8.0 A – 68.0 A peak)

230 V | 460 V


Programmable I/O

  • 5 optically-isolated inputs (1 dedicated)
  • 3 optically-isolated outputs
  • 1 analog input ±10 VDC, 14-bit
  • 2 analog output ±10 VDC, 10-bit

Programmable encoder output, (up to 8,192 lines per revolution)

Separate stop and travel limit deceleration ramps

Torque, Travel, Following Error and velocity limits

8 user defined speed presets with individual acceleration/deceleration rates

2 Programmable Torque Level Outputs

In Motion Velocity Output

Software Oscilloscope

Position Tracker™ – Analog Mode

Analog Torque Mode

Analog Velocity Mode

Digital Velocity Preset

Pulse Mode

  • Pulse/Pulse
  • Pulse/Direction