Epsilon EP

Control Techniques Epsilon EP:
Epsilon EP, Control Techniques’ compact and easy-to-use servo drive, is scalable from a simple amplifier to a completely programmable 1.5-axis motion controller. The Epsilon EP is available in three flexible models – Epsilon EP-B (base), Epsilon EP-I (indexer), and Epsilon EP-P (programming). Each model is available with five drive different power stages—2.2A, 4.0A, 6.5A, 9.0A and 16.0A


2.2 – 16.0 A rms (4.4 – 32 Peak)

115V | 230V


Epsilon EP-B – Base

The base drive is ideal for servo applications utilizing an external motion controller. It accepts an analog command signal and sends out position feedback. The EP-B has the unique capability of combining an analog command with a preset velocity for trimming or advance/retard operations. The EP-B drive is an excellent choice for stepper replacements or centralized control systems.


Epsilon EP-I or EP-IDN – Indexer

The EP-I drive is a highly capable position controller that provides Home, Index, and Jog motion profiles. The EP-I holds up to16 unique indexes that also can be chained together to create complex motion profiles. The EP-I has a unique alternate mode feature whereby it can perform an Index or Home function and then switch to an alternate mode such as Analog Torque, Analog Velocity, or Pulse Follower mode on the fly! This compact indexing drive is a cost effective solution for countless applications.


Epsilon EP-P, EP-PDN and EP-PPB – Programming

The EP-P drive provides the highest level of control by allowing the user to create complete programs to sequence the motion

Epsilon EP