Digitax ST

Control Techniques Digitax ST:
The Digitax ST Servo drive encompasses many of the features needed to support today’s rapid design cycles. Five variants (Base, EtherCAT, Indexer, Plus and EZMotion) are available to meet simple to complex motion control applications.
1.7 A – 8.0 A rms (5.1 A – 24.0 A Peak)
230 V | 460 V

Digitax ST-B (Base)
Optimized for centralized control using a wide range of digital or analog interface technologies

Digitax ST-E (EtherCAT)
Built in EtherCAT for integration with industrial EtherCAT networks. Has the same high performance features as the Base model, but makes them easily accessible over an industrial EtherCAT network.

Digitax ST-P (Plus)
Motion controller optimized for high performance machine cells requiring drive-to-drive networking and precision synchronization using a machine programming software, SyPT Pro, that allows for multi-axis configuration on a single software project

Digitax ST-Z (EZ Motion)
Standalone solution for many common indexing and synchronized motion applications requiring programming using the ever-popular PowerTools Pro software

Digitax ST